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Please note that the deadline for submitting applications to Project NExT is Friday, April 13th, 2012. A complete application must have a letter of support from your Department Chair/Head. We will not contact the person writing your support letter until your application is submitted. You will therefore need to contact your Department Chair/Head in advance of submitting your application to alert her/him to the deadline of Friday April 13 and to a contact from Project NExT.
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Applicants will be notified by June 1, 2012, whether they have been accepted as Project NExT Fellows. Please give us contact information that will work to reach you on that date.


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Degree Information

Project NExT Fellows must have completed all Ph.D. requirements by September 1, 2012. Please indicate the month and year you have (or will have) obtained your Ph.D.
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To facilitate matching Fellows to sponsors, please check if your Ph.D. is in one of the following fields:
mathematical logic;   statistics

Institution and Program Information

Institution where you will be teaching in 2012-2013:
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Special topics of interest and background: If you are interested in the following topics, or are described by the characteristic, please check the appropriate box(es). This information will help us to match Fellows with sponsors. Your vita and personal statement should support the items you check here.
Interest in: discovery learning;   using technology to teach math;   the preparation of K-12 teachers

Fellows must be able to attend the Project NExT Workshop and Mathfest in Madison, WI, July 30-August 4, 2012; they should also plan to attend the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, CA, January 9-12, 2013, and a one-day workshop and the MAA Mathfest immediately afterwards in Hartford, CT, July 31-August 3, 2013.

Statements and Vita

PERSONAL STATEMENT: We seek a diverse group of participants from a wide range of institutions. Your interest in the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics, and the opportunity to implement changes in your own classroom are important considerations. In a separate statement (two-page maximum), please tell us about yourself. We are especially interested in your personal approach to teaching and learning and in what you would like to get out of Project NExT. Concrete examples will help us to evaluate you as an individual. If there is any question about your eligibility for Project NExT, please check our website and use your vita (below) and personal statement to clarify your situation. Your personal statement must be submitted as a PDF document.
Personal statement (2-page maximum):

RESEARCH STATEMENT AND VITA: We would also like to have a brief (250-word maximum) statement of your research interests and a short vita (one-page maximum). Your research statement and vita must be submitted as PDF documents.
Research statement (250-word maximum):
Vita (1-page maximum):

LETTER OF SUPPORT: Applicants must have the support of the departments in which they will be working in 2012-13. Please ask your chair or dean to write a statement affirming the institution's financial support for your participation (see the information for chairs). This support may come from such sources as department and college funds, grants or start-up funds for new faculty. Assurances of financial support are of critical importance in the application process—so you should be sure to discuss with the person writing your support letter how your participation in Project NExT will be funded. We are also interested in how the applicant's participation in Project NExT would contribute to the department's goals. Please give the name and e-mail address of the person who will be writing your letter of support. We will be contacting her/him by e-mail to solicit a letter once your application has been received. Accordingly, please contact her/him before submitting your application so that s/he is aware of this.
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Applications must be received by Friday April 13, 2012. For inquiries, you may contact the director of Project NExT, Aparna Higgins, by US mail (Aparna Higgins, Department of Mathematics, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton OH 45469-2316), electronic mail (<aparna(dot)higgins(at)udayton(dot)edu>), or telephone (937-229-2103).

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If you have technical problems with the on-line application for Project NExT, please contact Gavin LaRose, <glarose(at)umich(dot)edu> with your questions.

Project NExT is a program of the MAA, with major funding provided by the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation, the ExxonMobil Foundation, the Educational Advancement Foundation, the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Association for Symbolic Logic, the W. H. Freeman Publishing Company, John Wiley & Sons, the Maryland-DC-Virginia, the Metro New York, and the Southeastern Sections of the MAA, and the Mathematical Association of America.

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