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As indicated on the MAA awards page,
The James R.C. Leitzel Lecture was established by the Board of Governors in 1998. It provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of "issues or innovations in mathematical sciences education at the undergraduate or graduate level," and, in so doing, honors the many contributions of James R.C. Leitzel to the improvement of mathematical sciences education.

Jim Leitzel was one of the founders of Project NExT, and the fellows from the Project were significant contributors to the endowment established to fund the lecture series.

The MAA maintains a list of lecturers giving Leitzel Lectures, and an appreciation of Jim Leitzel, by Alan Tucker and Christine Stevens.

The fundraising effort to endow the Leitzel Lecture raised well in excess of $40,000, and involved significantly more than 400 donors. A partial list of donors (accurate only to the end of the funding campaign, February 1999) is available.
Additional Donations are welcomed. They may be sent to the Mathematical Association of America at to:
Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036
Checks should be made payable to the MAA. Be sure to write "In memory of Jim Leitzel" or "For the Leitzel Lecture Fund" on the "memo" line of the check.

Phone contributions may be made by calling 1-800-331-1622. Again, please be sure to specify that the donation should go to the Leitzel Lecture Fund.

Please note that receipts issued by the MAA for contributions to the Leitzel lecture fund may be marked as contributions to the Greater MAA Fund "In memory of Jim Leitzel".

Special Thanks to the Project NExT and MAA volunteers who helped coordinate the first part of the fund-raising for the lecture endowment, especially Ken Ross, Chris Stevens, Emily Puckette, Margaret Morrow, Phil Hotchkiss, TJ Murphy, Kevin Reeves, Cheryl Olsen, Mary Shepherd, Stephanie Fitchett, Carol Shaw, Laura Todd, and Gavin LaRose.

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