Math 289, Problem Solving, Fall 2005

Wednesdays, 3-5pm, 1060 East Hall

Instructor: Harm Derksen Instructor: Kannan Soundararajan
office: 3067 East Hall office: 2854 East Hall
email: email:
phone: (734) 763 2309 phone: (734) 763 7867
office hours:Mo 1-2pm, Tu 12-1pm, Fr 3-4pm. office hours:Tu 3-4pm, We 2-3pm, Th 3-4pm
book: none required, but recommended are:
G. Polya, How to Solve it.
Loren C. Larson, Problem Solving Through Problems, Springer.
related links: Putnam Competition Archive,Problems and Solutions for past Putname Competitions.
Official Putnam Competition Website
University of Michigan Undergraduate Mathematics Competition (or (UM)2C for short), problems and some solutions.
Cut-The-Knot, interactive math puzzles.
Sep 7:First class
Sep 14:Problem Set 1 due: ps, pdf.
Sep 21:
Sep 28:
Oct 5:
Oct 12:
Oct 19:
Oct 26:
Nov 2:
Nov 9:
Nov 16:
Nov 23:
Nov 30:
Dec 7:
Dec 13:Last Class


Grade: Homework accounts for 100% of the grade