Currently (winter 2001) I'm teaching Math 711, Quiver Representations. I intend to post notes and other material on this website. Below is a description of the course:


A quiver is just a directed graph where we interpre the vertices as vector spaces and the arrows as linear maps. The representation theory of quivers plays an important role in the study of noncommutative algebras, but it also has interesting relations to other areas such as root systems of Lie algebras, the representation theory of GL(n) and algebraic geometry (moduli spaces).

The course is an opportunity to learn about various topics such as invariant theory, (elementary) homological algebra, representation theory etc.

This course will be interesting for students with some background in commutative or noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry or representation theory.

The course does not follow any book. However, I intend to write down notes or at least summaries of all the lectures. We meet 3 times a week: MWF 2-3pm. Each week there will be 2 lectures and 1 meeting is dedicated to excercises which participants are expected to work on.

Office hours:
Monday, Friday 3.30pm-4:30pm
Or by appointment (call or email me)
You're Welcome!!!!!!!

Here are some notes. I may update the files here from time to time. Choose your format, dvi, ps or pdf. NOTE: PDF doesn't seem to work properly. I don't know the reason, but you'd better choose dvi or ps. My office is room 3067 East Hall.
The phone number is 763 2309
Email adress: hderksen@math.lsa.umich.edu.

Last semester, I taught Math 216.