Maureen, William and Claire in Plankenfels, Germany

Claire on bench.

Harm, William and Claire near stream.

Maureen, William and Claire at high altitude.

William, Claire in a castle.

William and Clair in Bamberg (Germany).

Saint William.

Saint Claire.

William, Claire tracing an Archimedian spiral.

William and Claire go underground.

Claire in German landscape.

Find William in this picture (hint: he is wearing a red shirt).

William is rock-climbing.

William's 6th birthday.

William, Claire and a hippo.

William, Claire and a lot of rocks.

William en Claire mountain/rock-climbing.

William and Claire playing the popular dutch game "sjoelen".

William is rubbing a magic lamp at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Wiliam, Claire and cousin Daan in the pool.

Claire and Daan.

Maureen, William and Claire in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Grandpa pulling William and Claire.

Grandpa, William and Claire and a rabbit whose name is either "flappy" or "floppy".