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Title:       Jack E. McLaughlin Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics

The author's research papers on this site as well as the exposition in the lecture notes from advanced graduate courses were all prepared while the author was partially supported by grants from the National Science Foundation. The current grant is DMS-1401384 and the previous grant was DMS-0901145.

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Some recent manuscripts:
Small subalgebras of polynomial rings and Stillman's conjecture (with T. Ananyan).
Homological conjectures and lim Cohen-Macaulay sequences , to appear in the Proceedings of the Conference on Homological and Computational Methods in Commutative Algebra (honoring Winfried Bruns), Cortona Italy, 2016.
Content of local cohomology, parameter ideals, and robust algebras (with W. Zhang), to appear in Trans. of the AMS.

Continuous closure, natural closure, and axes closure, (with N. Epstein), to appear in Trans. of the A.M.S.
On the support of local cohomology via Frobenius (with L. Núñez-Betancourt), Math. Res. Letters. Vol. 24 (2017), pp. 401-420.
Cohen-Macaulay varieties, geometric complexes and combinatorics, in The Mathematical Legacy of Richard P. Stanley, AMS, Providence, R.I., 2016, 203-229.

Math 614, Fall 2017

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Math 711, Fall 2005 - Commutative Algebra Seminar, Winter 2006       

Math 711, Fall 2004        Math 615, Winter 2004        Math 614, Fall 2003

Tight Closure Lectures (Math 715 F2002, Seminar W2003)

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