Local Information

Note: We urge everyone to make reservations early because many hotels in Ann Arbor may be full over weekends.

On-campus university housing:

The on-campus housing includes parking. For reservation, please call (734)-764-5297, fax (734)-764-1557 e-mail: cms.services@umich.edu.

Extended Reservation deadline: September 16. After this date, we have to release the unreserved rooms back to the University. It will still be possible to make a reservation as above, but based on availability. So, once again, we urge people to act early.

Off-Campus housing:

Note: both the Oxford House and the Cambridge House are within easy walking distance of the Math department. The off-campus locations, on the other hand, are more convenient for people who are driving (although there are cabs in the city). Parking permits will be available. (To request a parking permit, please e-mail: ikriz@math.lsa.umich.edu).

Restaurants: A complete list of Ann Arbor restaurants is on the internet: Restaurants in Ann Arbor

Directions: Driving: From I-94, take the State Street exit, drive about 2-3 miles to South University. For East Hall: turn right onto South U (first all way - 3 way, more precisely - stop sign on State Street since I-94). Continue 1 block to East University. The entrance to the Department is located in the pedestrian mall on the left, past Ulrich's bookstore. With a parking permit, it is possible to park in the University parking structure on Church Street, which is one block past East U (turn left onto Church). To Oxford Conference Center: Continue driving on South U to its end, which is Oxford Street. The entrance to the Oxford Center parking lot is from Oxford street. To Cambridge House: When coming from State street, do not continue all the way to South U, but bear left on the previous light onto Packard Street (at a "spider interstecion" of 5 streets). Then bear right onto Thompson Street. With a Cambridge house parking sticker, one can park in the structure on Thompson street (but not in the metered parking lot without paying the meter).

Maps, and directions to any address, can be obtained on the internet at

Maps on Us

Railroad and Air: I would take a taxicab from both locations. The cab from the airport is about $40.-, from the railroad station it is about $5.-

Graduate students:

We may be able to put you up with local graduate students. For more information, please e-mail Bryan Johnston at btj@math.lsa.umich.edu