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Below are some notes I've written in connection with talks given in the Farb and Friends Student Seminar (FFSS) and other seminars and workshops. These notes are also available on my Activities page.

The FFSS notes are intended to be accessible to graduate students in geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology, and related fields.

Review of manifolds
WOMP First-year-graduate orientation program, 20 Sep 2012.

A gentle introduction to spectral sequences: The Leray-Serre spectral sequence
FFSS, 24 Feb 2011.

A gentle introduction to spectral sequences: Constructing spectral sequences
FFSS, 21 Apr 2011.

An introduction to representation stability and FI--modules (slides only)
Topology Student Workshop, Georgia Tech, 14 Jun 2012.

Polynomial invariants of finite reflection groups
FFSS, 14 Feb 2013.

Cohomology of braid groups and configuration spaces
FFSS, 16 May 2013.

An introduction to Outer space and homological properties of Out(Fn)
Reading group, 3 Jul 2013.

The topology of hyperplane complements
FFSS, 14 Nov 2013.

The cohomology of the braid group and polynomials over finite fields
FFSS, 30 Jan 2014.

A brief introduction to representation stability
Oberwolfach, 15 Jan 2018.

The geometry and topology of braid groups
Geometry–Topology Summer Workshop "Roots of Topology", Chicago, 12–15 Jun 2018.

Stability in the homology of the Torelli group
International Conference on Manifolds, Groups, and Homotopy, Skye, 19 Jun 2018.

An introduction to FI-modules and their generalizations
Michigan Representation Stability Week 2018, University of Michigan, 13–18 Aug 2018.


Stability in the homology of configuration spaces
UIUC Geometry, Groups, and Dynamics / GEAR Seminar, 13 Nov 2017.

FI–Modules and representations of the classical Weyl groups
Banff International Research Station Workshop, 28 Nov 2012.

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