Publications and Preprints

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9. Stability for hyperplane complements of type B/C and statistics on squarefree polynomials over finite fields, with R Jiménez Rolland.
ArXiv preprint ArXiv:1703.06349v2, Submitted. (Updated 22 Mar 2017).

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1. The non-commutative cycle lemma, with C Armstrong, J A Mingo, and R Speicher.
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These are some brief notes and graphics to illustrate the correspondence between string motions and automorphisms of the free group.

Topic Exam

I took my topic exam at the University of Chicago in February 2011. My topic proposal is available here: The Cohomology of Configuration Space and Representation Stability.

Undergraduate Projects

I received my B.Sc.H. from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada.

In the summer of 2009, I took part in a project on Littlewood Richardson Coefficients and Coxeter Groups with Mike Roth and Ivan Dimitrov, with the support of an NSERC USRA. My colleagues completed our project the following year: Decomposing Inversion Sets of Permutations and Applications to Faces of the Littlewood-Richardson Cone (with R Dewji, I Dimitrov, A McCabe, M Roth, and D Wehlau).

In the summer of 2008, I took part in a project on Free Probability and Random Matrices with Roland Speicher and James A. Mingo, supported by an NSERC USRA.
Some of our work is available here: The non-commutative cycle lemma. (with C Armstrong, J A Mingo, and R Speicher.)

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