Every man is, more or less, the sport of accident.
--James Fenimore Cooper

John Stembridge

Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan

One of the select group of twelve Bitchen Mathematicians


Zounds! At last we have photographs!

What I Do

Algebraic combinatorics, mostly. Want more detail? Read my Research Profile, a document I maintain for prospective graduate students.

I'm also a charter member of the Atlas of Lie Groups Project, whose goals are to understand, classify, and catalogue the representations of semisimple real and p-adic Lie groups. A surprising amount of the work we are doing involves challenging combinatorial and computational problems--that's why I'm involved.

I maintain an archive of my recent papers and a publication list.

I also have an archive of other papers (i.e., papers not intended for publication).

Maple Packages

I'm the author of a collection of Maple packages for working with symmetric functions, posets, root systems, and finite Coxeter groups. Use this site as the official source for all information about SF, posets, and coxeter/weyl.

Here's a nifty example that was created with the posets and coxeter packages.

By popular demand, I also have created an archive of Research Data And Other Useful Stuff. To whet your appetite, here's a sample of the cool stuff you can find there:


The hyperplane arrangement corresponding to the root system A3.

New!The Lighter Side

Yes I do have a lighter side, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding.

How to Reach Me

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