They Might Be Giants

He was born in Byelorussia and died in (what is now) Israel. A student of Frobenius. Numerous fundamental constructions bear his name, including a lemma and a cohomology group.

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A Fellow of the Royal Society. He wrote one of the first monographs on combinatorics. Well known for his work on partitions.

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A student of Hilbert, he spent nearly twenty years at the Institute for Advanced Study. Wrote an influential treatise (Volume 1 of the Princeton Mathematics Series) that is, in the words of Roger Howe, "wonderful and terrible."

[Click here: Hermann Weyl]

Belongs on everyone's top 10 list of mathematicians. Born in Switzerland, he held positions in St. Petersburg and Berlin. Probably bears as much responsibility as anyone for the invention of generating functions.

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Hmm. This guy might be a ringer.

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