Math 217: Linear Algebra Section 5

Professor Karen E. Smith
East Hall 3074

Section 5 meets Fall semester 2015
MWF 10--11:30 pm in East Hall B745 (in the basement)

Important Info and Detailed Syllabus.

This is the webpage for Section 5 only. There is also a MATH 217 COURSE WEBSITE used by all sections through Canvas. You will need to check both these places for info and to download information.

Section 5 Daily Update

Change of Basis and All that Supplement to the textbook on topics related to bases, coordinates, and changing coordinates.

List of Definitions Supplement to textnbook with correct theoretical definitions and propositions and examples

Definitions ONLY with proposition and theorems

BOOK: Linear Algebra with Applications, by Otto Bretscher (fifth edition). Rental Link from Amazon

The Joy of Sets and Mathematical Hygiene (required reading, distributed on Day 1)

WEEKLY PROBLEM SET DUE EVERY FRIDAY: The official latest version is always on CANVAS. There is a Part A and a Part B, both are much harder than the webwork! Start early! Canvas also has solutions. If you can't access canvas, you can email me.

DAILY HOMEWORK: Carefully read the designated section always before each class. Lecture (and quizzes) will assume you have read it. In addition, webwork is due three times per week. If you are unsure what the reading is, check the Daily Update. Also, you are expected to finish worksheets not finished in class.

QUIZZES: Quiz 0, Quiz 1, Quiz 1A, Quiz 1B, Quiz 2, Quiz 3, Quiz 3A (with answers), Quiz 3B (with answers), Quiz 4 (with answers), Quiz 5 (with answers), Quiz 6 (with answers), Quiz 7, Quiz 7B, Quiz 8, Quiz 9, Quiz 10, Quiz 11, Quiz 12,

Classwork from Sept 9, Classwork from Sept 11, Classwork from Sept 14 ( Answers), Classwork from Sept 16, Classwork from Sept 18, Classwork from Sept 21, Classwork from Sept 23 (with answers), Classwork from Sept 25 ( answers), Classwork from Sept 28, Classwork from Sept 30, Classwork from Oct 2, Classwork from Oct 5 (with answers), Classwork from Oct 7 (with answers), Classwork from Oct 7 (with answers), Classwork from Oct 9, Classwork from Oct 14 (with answers), Classwork from Oct 16 (Vector Spaces), Classwork from Oct 23 and 26 (Linear Transformations), Classwork from Oct 28 (Orthonormality), Classwork from Nov 2, Classwork from Nov 4, Classwork from Nov 6, Classwork from Nov 9, Classwork from Nov 11, Classwork from Nov 13, Classwork from Nov 20, Classwork from Nov 23, Classwork from Nov 25, Classwork from Nov 30 on eigenvectors, Classwork from Dec 2 on eigenvalues and the characteristic polynomial, Classwork from Dec 4, Classwork from Dec 7 , Classwork from Dec 9 , The Spectral Theorem ,

Math 217 is a first course in linear algebra with proofs. Here is a Detailed Syllabus, the same for all sections. In addition to learning linear algebra, a main goal of the course is to teach students how to make a rigorous mathematical argument.

Workload: The work load in Math 217 is high. Most students find this a hard class. On the plus side, you will learn a ton, and nail a prerequisite for almost every advanced mathematics course. Many students also discover a passion for theoretical mathematics. If you don't plan to take more math, don't want to work hard, or already know you don't want to "do proofs," consider Math 214 or Math 417 instead.

Grades: In addition to the reading, webwork and quizzes (together 20%) done before/during each class, the weekly homework is very important to your grade (also worth 20%). This is two-part written homework assignment will be due every Friday: Part A is computational and Part B is proofs. They should be nicely written or typed, and stapled separately (parts A and B are graded by different people). You must acknowledge any collaborators and even if someone helps you solve the problem, you must write it up yourself. Trust me, if you need to copy the homework, you will fail the exams. There are two evening midterms as well (each worth 15.5%) and the final (25%). This grading scheme is uniform across the sections. For details, see the Detailed Syllabus.

Office hours: Tuesday 2-3 in my office. Wednesday 11:30-12:30 and Friday 11:30-12:30 after class in my office as soon as we walk up. I am available also by appointment if you need me and can't make regular office hours.

In addition, you can get help in the Math Lab whenever it is open.

All sections of Math 217 follow the same syllabus, take the same midterm and final exams, have the same online-webwork and weekly written assignments, and have the same grading scheme. There are, however, some minor differences between sections. In ours, for example, ATTENDENCE IS REQUIRED and Quizzes will be frequent. Also, Section 5 students are expected to check the Daily Update every day, which will usually let you know when a quiz is coming and the reading assignment. No make up quizzes will be given (barring extreme situations--talk to me); however, your lowest two scores will be dropped.

EXAMS: There are two midterms: October 21 6-8 pm and November 18 6-8 pm. There is also a final during the usual final period. Please check the registrar's website for details.

TESTING AND DISABILITY: If you think you need an accommodation for a disability, please let me know as soon as possible. In particular, a Verified Individualized Services and Accommo dations (VISA) form must be provided to me at least two weeks prior to the need for a test/quiz accommodation. The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Office (G664 Haven Hall; ) issues V ISA forms.

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