Honors Mathematics I:

Professor Karen E. Smith

Course assistant: Ruthi Hortsch

Intended audience: hardworking freshman who want to be completely immersed in theoretical mathematics

Course Objective: To introduce students to the art and practice of mathematics while redeveloping the calculus of one variable rigorously on firm mathematical ground.

Prerequisites: AB Calculus.

Text: Spivak, Calculus, Edition 4.

Some topics we will cover: fields, ordered fields, the real numbers, least upper bounds, limits, elementary point set topology including abstract topological spaces, continuity, compactness and connectedness (mainly in the real numbers), intermediate value theorem, uniform continuity, integration, differentiation, chain rule, fundamental theorem of calculus, taylor polynomials.

Details about course organization on the Math 295 Course Information Sheet

A list of topics and assignments given each day on the Daily update, in addition to the weekly problem sets.

New! Lecture Notes on Topology Lectures typed up by John Holler: October 25 , October 26 , October 27 , October 29 , November 1 , November 2 , November 3 , November 5

John's Write up of the CHAIN RULE lecture: Chain Rule

John's Write up of the (first) CANTOR FUNCTION lecture: Cantor Function

Problem Sets: Set 1 , Set 2 , Set 3 , Set 4 , Exam I Problems , Set 5 , Set 6 , Set 7 , Set 8 , Exam II Problems , Set 9 , Set 10 , Final Exam Problems.

Handouts: Handout 1 on Notation and Logic, Handout 2 on How to write proofs , Handout 2A on Absolute Value , Handout 3 on Induction , Handout 4 on the Division Algorithm and digit expansion , Handout 5 summarizing definitions not found in text , Handout 6 discussing Closed sets in the real number line ,

Practice Sheet , Logic Practice Sheet

Some statistics and Commentary on Exam I Results

Some statistics and Commentary on Exam II Results