Math 571, Numerical Linear Algebra, Winter 2016
course description
lecture notes
hw1 due : Thurs Jan 28
hw2 due : Thurs Feb 11
hw3 due : Tues Feb 23
hw4 due : Thurs Mar 17
hw5 due : Thurs Mar 31 code for problem 7
hw6 due : Thurs April 14
notes on using MATLAB
Matlab resources for students
The Origins of Matlab, by Cleve Moler, December 2004
Interview with Peter Lax, AMS Notices, February 2006, "... the astonishing phenomenon of the interaction of solitons was discovered by numerical calculations ..."
Germund Dahlquist
Numerical Methods Resource Page
Disasters Attributable to Bad Computing, by Doug Arnold
Collection of Software Bugs, by Thomas Huckle
Student Data Form Form FAQ
Fellowships, Graduate Study, Internships
"You need the willingness to fail all the time. You have to generate many ideas and then you have to work very hard only to discover that they don't work. And you keep doing that over and over until you find one that does work." - John Backus, lead developer of Fortran
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