Jeffrey C. Lagarias


Professor, Dept. of Mathematics

Address: Jeffrey C. Lagarias
        Department of Mathematics
        University of Michigan
        East Hall, Room 3086
        530 Church Street
        Ann Arbor MI 48109-1043

Phone: 734-763-1186
Fax:   734-763-0937

Research Interests:

Number Theory; also: Computational Complexity Theory,
Cryptography, Discrete and Computational Geometry,
Dynamical Systems, Harmonic Analysis, Low-Dimensional Topology,
Mathematical Physics, Optimization

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  • Notices of the AMS article with Chuanming Zong (pdf) ``Mysteries in Packing Regular Tetrahedra" ( Vol. 59, No. 11, Dec. 2012, 1540--1549)
  • New York Times article "Packing Tetrahedrons, and Closing In on a Perfect Fit"(Science Times, Jan. 5, 2010)
  • Elizabeth Chen thesis defense (Ann Arbor Chronicle, February 14, 2010)

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