Selected notes from talks

A non-Archimedean approach to K-stability and the existence of Kähler-Einstein metrics. BICMR, Beijing, August 2017: slides.

Pluripotential theory in a non-Archimedean setting. NUS, Singapore, January 2011: slides.

Non-Archimedean pluripotential theory. AMS meeting, Notre Dame, November 2010: slides.

Dynamics of monomial mappings. Albi, France, February 2010: slides.

Workshop in complex dynamics. Fields Institute, November 2008: Lectures 1, 2 and 3.

Some remarks on the Jacobian Conjecture UM/UU/KTH SCV seminar Nov 2005. slides.

Local singularities of planar plurisubharmonic functions. UM SCV seminar Nov 2002. slides.

Trees and valuations. UM Commutative Algebra seminar Feb 2002. slides.

Pluricomplex Dynamics. NORDAN-98, Marstrand, Sweden. slides.

Other notes

Hyperbolic dynamics of endomorphisms. Sep 1997, 16 pages. Download pdf.

Dynamics on Berkovich spaces in low dimensions. March, 2012. pdf.