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Mathematics 110

Important Course Information

Enrollment in this course is by permission of the Department of Mathematics only.

This course serves a very special purpose. It is designed specifically for students who:

It must be emphasized that the above is the only purpose for which this course is designed, and the Department of Mathematics normally will allow only students meeting the above requirements to take it. The course remains officially closed to the normal CRISPing process at all times, and registration is by departmental permission only.

There are very rare circumstances under which this course might be used for purposes besides the single one mentioned above, but in order to do so the following is required.

The Mathematics Department does not normally consider requests for this course to be used as a standard replacement for Math 105. It would have these disadvantages when used for that purpose:

Also, it must be emphasized that Math 110 is a self-study course, not a self-paced one. The schedule for the course is actually quite rigid, since the student must be ready to take the weekly quizzes and the uniform examinations at the scheduled times. No grades of incomplete are given at the end of the semester (and the student must sign an agreement at the beginning of the term accepting that), so falling behind the course schedule can be more serious than in other courses.

Here is the official course information from the LS&A Course Guide:

Math 110. Pre-Calculus (Self-Study).
No credit granted to those who already have 4 credits for pre-calculus mathematics courses (2). (Excl).
Math 110 is a preparatory course for the calculus sequence. Students who complete Math 110 are fully prepared for Math 115. The course is a condensed, half-term version of Math 105 designed for students who appear to be prepared to handle calculus but are not able to successfully complete Math 115. Students enrolling in Math 110 must visit the Math Lab to complete paperwork and receive course materials. The course covers data analysis by means of functions and graphs.

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