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This paper was originally published in the proceedings of the 21st Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT '96). To download this paper, just click here.

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X-Junctions Without Cross-Talk

N. N. Akhmediev and P. D. Miller
Australian Photonics Cooperative Research Centre
Optical Sciences Centre
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200 Australia


The transmission properties of certain three-dimensional waveguide X-junctions are considered. Very simple exact calculations show that for a large class of such junctions modeled by the scalar wave equation, transversely bound waves incident in one channel can pass through the X-junction without any splitting into the intersecting channel or emission of radiation. Reflection can also be completely eliminated within each channel. The devices we consider lend themselves to particularly simple fabrication by ultraviolet exposure techniques.