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This paper was originally published in Physical Review E. To download this paper, just click here.

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Transfer Matrices for Multiport Devices Made From Solitons

P. D. Miller and N. N. Akhmediev
Optical Sciences Centre
Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering
The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200 Australia


The linear Schrödinger equation is explicitly solved for the case of a refractive index profile created by the interaction of N bright solitons in a Kerr medium. The bound states give exact solutions to the problem of determining how a beam of light is split as it passes through the collision of N solitons; the main result of this work is an analytical formula for the power transmission matrix of this linear problem. As specific examples, the cases of the two-soliton and three-soliton linear couplers are considered, and the power transmission characteristics for bound states are explicitly calculated in both cases. It is further shown that the behavior of linear waves propagating through an arbitrary collision of N solitons can be completely understood in terms of the scattering of linear waves from a soliton X-junction. The unbound states of an N-soliton waveguide are also explicitly computable and describe the evolution of radiation modes.

Waveguide Modes

The three bound modes of a six-port device made from solitons.