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MatML Technology Report
Measurement Units Markup Language Technology Report
What XML Schema Designers Need to Know About Measurement Units.
XTech 2000 Presentation by Frank Olken and John McCarthy (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Measurement Units in XML Datatypes.
By Frank Olken and John McCarthy (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). June 7, 1999. Version 0.5c. [Cover's cache of this]
Units ML
UnitsML is a project underway at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a schema for encoding scientific units of measure in XML. Furthermore, a registry containing extensive information about scientific units is under development.
There is a Draft Schema for Units ML
An international effort to standardize analytical information management using XML-based standards
Minutes of AnIML Working Group of ASTM Committee E13.15 7-8 July, 2004, ASTM Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA, contain:
6. UNITS. The intention of E13.15 has been to adopt a standard for units from the appropriate standards organization. Such a standard has not yet been published, and so cannot be incorporated at this point. This NIST group doesn’t appear ready to release a UnitsML any time soon. Peter Murray-Rust plans to release a version soon. Maren found a commercial site for unit conversion, with over 1000 units, but some which we need are missing. Consensus: AnIML will continue to use the units mechanism defined in earlier core and technique definitions.
MatML: Materials [Property Data] Markup Language
International System of Units (SI)
At SIZES, the International Quantinary™
International System of Units (SI)
Index to international units and Systems of Units
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty
International System of Units (SI)
Uncertainty of Measurement Results
EEE/ASTM SI 10-1997
Standard for the Use of the International System of Units (SI) The Modern Metric System
This is a pointer to where it is available for $36 from the U.S. Metric Association
Scoville Heat Unit Index