The University of Michigan Algebraic Geometry Seminar
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Winter 2011

date speaker affiliation title
Jan. 5, 2011 Alon Levy Columbia The space of rational maps on P^n and semistable reduction
Jan. 12, 2011 Li Li Oakland University Hilbert schemes of points on a tame Deligne-Mumford stack
Jan. 19, 2011
4pm: Alexander Duncan

5pm: Noah Giansiracusan



Finite Groups of Low Essential Dimension


Jan. 26, 2011 Claudiu Raicu Berkeley The Garsia-Stillman-Sturmfels Conjecture
Feb. 2, 2011 June Huh Seminar snowed out Huh's talk postponed to Feb. 16
Feb. 9, 2011 Aaron Pixton Princeton Relations in the tautological ring of M_g
Feb. 16, 2011 June Huh UIUC Representable homology classes in the product of projective spaces
Tuesday Feb 22, 2011
3 - 4 pm
3096 EH
Shihoko Ishii Tokyo Inst. of Technology Mather discrepancy and the arc space
Feb 23, 2011 Wei-Ping Li UST, Hong Kong Higher rank Donaldson-Thomas invariant
March 2, 2011 No seminar Winter Break
March 9, 2011 No seminar Ziweit Lectures
March 10, 2011
2 - 3pm
3096 EH
Rob Lazarsfeld Talk to be rescheduled
March 16 2011 János Kollár Princeton Varieties whose universal cover is quasi-projective

March 22 -- 25, 2011

I. Tues. March 22
3pm Colloquium

II. Wed. March 23

III. Thurs. March 24
4:00 - 5:00 pm, 3088 EH

IV. Fri. March 25
3:00 - 4:00 pm, 3088 EH
Daniel Huybrechts Bonn Spring Lectures in Algebaric Geomerty

I. Algebraic geometry of K3 surfaces via derived categories

II. Exlicit Fourier-Mukai equivalences;
More on derived categories of K3 surfaces

III. Short introduction to stability conditions

IV. More on stability conditions, K3 surfaces
March 24, 2011
2 - 3pm
3096 EH
Rob Lazarsfeld U. Mich Asymptotic syzygies of algebraic varieties
March 30, 2011 Thomas Bitoun MIT Holonomic D-modules mod p
April 2, 3, 2011 Workshop in honor of Igor Dolgachev
April 6, 2011 Kevin Tucker Utah and Princeton A Uniform Description of Test Ideals and Multiplier Ideals
Mon. April 11, 2011
3 - 4 pm
3088 EH
Bernd Sturmfels Berkeley The convex hull of a space curve
Wed. April 20, 2011
2 - 3:30 pm
3088 EH
Student Talks
Mihai Fulger

Michael Von Korff

Zhixian Zhu

Local volumnes

F-Signature of affine toric varieties


Fall 2010

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 15, 2010 Angelica Benito Universidad Autonoma de Madrid On the problem of resolution of singularities and some invariants in positive characteristic
Sept. 22, 2010 Matt DeLand U. Mich. Rational simple connectedness and complete intersections
Thursday Sept. 23, 2010
4:10 pm
Rob Lazarsfeld U. Mich. Singularities in algebraic geometry:
How many times does a polynomial vanish at a point?
(Collegiate Lecture)
Sept. 29, 2010 Brian Lehmann U. Mich. Analytic Multiplier Ideals for Big Divisors
Oct. 6, 2010 Xinyi Yuan visiting U. Mich. Calabi-Yau theorem and algebraic dynamics
Oct. 13, 2010 Andrew Snowden MIT A finiteness conjecture in invariant theory
Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010
4:00 pm
3088 EH
Shigefumi Mori RIMS Three dimensional Q-conic bundles and related topics
(joint work with Y. Prokhorov)
Oct. 20, 2010 F. Loeser Jussieu On the topology of algebraic varieties over non-archimedean fields
Oct. 27, 2010 Chenyang Xu MIT Birational boundedness of singular pairs
Nov. 3, 2010
3-4 and 5-6 pm
3088 EH
Emre Coskun Univ. of Western Ontario Nori's Obstruction to Universal Bundles
Nov. 10, 2010 Bernard Teissier Jussieu A viewpoint on local resolution of singularities
Nov. 17, 2010 Chen-Yu Chi Harvard A metrical approach to birationalism
Nov. 24, 2010 No seminar Thanksgiving
Dec. 1, 2010 Matt Satriano U. Mich. Log geometry and toric stacks
Dec. 8, 2010 Bhargav Bhatt U. Mich. Moduli of products of stable varieties

Winter 2010

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 6, 2010 Brian Lehmann MIT Pseudo-effective Reduction Maps
Jan. 13, 2010 Kristen Wickelgren Harvard Etale pi_1 obstructions to rational points
Jan. 20, 2010 Greg Pearlstein MSU Normal functions and the Hodge conjecture
Jan. 27, 2010 Davesh Maulik MIT Neron-Severi groups under specialization
Feb. 3, 2010
Feb. 10, 2010 D. Matsushita Hokkaido University On Lagrangian fibrations
Feb. 17, 2010 Vivek Shende Princeton On the HOMFLY invariant of algebraic knots
Feb. 24, 2010 Sam Raskin Harvard University Geometric Class Field Theory
March 3, 2010 No seminar
March 10, 2010 Frederick van der Wyck Harvard University Moduli of singular curves and crimping
Thursday, March 18, 2010
2:30 - 4:00 pm
4088 EH
Andrew Snowden Stanford Syzygies of Segre embeddings
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Friday, March 26, 2010
Marc Levine University of Duisberg-Essen Tuesday, March 23 (3 - 4pm 3088 EH):
Motivic homotopy theory: foundations, applications and perspectives

Wednesday, March 24 (4 - 6pm 3088 EH):
Algebraic cobordism

Thursday, March 25 (4 - 5pm 3088 EH):
Motivic stable homotopy theory and the motivic Postnikov tower

Friday, March 26 (3 - 4 pm, 3088 EH)
Motivic unstable homotopy theory
March 31, 2010 No seminar
April 7, 2010 No seminar
April 14, 2010 Kartik Prasanna U. Mich. Algebraic cycles and p-adic L-functions
Friady, April 16, 2010
3:00 - 4:00 pm
3088 EH
Jonathan Wahl UNC Q-homology disk smoothings of complex surface singularities
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
4:00 - 6:00 pm
3088 EH
Matt Baker Georgia Tech Tropical linear series

Fall 2009

date speaker affiliation title
Sept. 16, 2009 Mark DeCataldo Stony Brook Topology of the Hitchin fibration and Hodge theory of character varieties
Sept. 23, 2009 Tommaso De Fernex Utah Rigidity properties of Fano varieties
Sept. 30, 2009 No seminar    
Oct. 7, 2009 Daniel Erman Berkeley Deformations of 0-dimensional schemes
Oct. 14, 2009 Yusuf Mustopa UMich Subordinate loci on symmetric products and syzygies of points
Oct. 21, 2009 Stephanie Yang KTH Stockholm Tautological rings of moduli spaces of curves
Oct. 28, 2009 No seminar   Ziwet lectures
Nov. 4, 2009
3:00–3:55:  4088 EH
5:15–6:15:  3088 EH
Kiran Kedlaya MIT and IAS Canonical determination of b-divisors, and formal classification of flat connections
Nov. 11, 2009 Jesse Kass UMich Extending families of Jacobians
Sat/Sun Nov 14–15 OSU/UIC/UM Weekend Algebraic Geometry Workshop
Nov. 18, 2009
3:00 : 4088 EH
Spencer Bloch Chicago More about the algebraic geometry of Feynman amplitudes
Nov. 18, 2009 Vikraman Balaji Chennai Analogue of the Narasimhan-Seshadri theorem in higher dimensions and holonomy
Nov. 25, 2009 No seminar Thanksgiving
Dec. 2, 2009 Dimitri Markushevich Lille, visiting UMich Tree-like compactification of the moduli space of rank 2 vector bundles over a projective surface
Dec. 9, 2009 Yu-jong Tzeng Stanford The Universal Formulas for Counting Nodal Curves on Surfaces
Dec. 16, 2009 Yu-jong Tzeng Stanford The Universal Formulas for Counting Nodal Curves on Surfaces
Dec. 16, 2009 Bianca Viray Berkeley Failure of the Hasse principle for Enriques surfaces

Winter 2009

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 7, 2009 Matt DeLand Columbia Cubic hypersurfaces are rationally simply connected
Jan. 14, 2009 Ben Webster MIT Enveloping algebras and a strange duality for symplectic varieties
Jan. 21, 2009 Jesse Kass Harvard A Riemann singularity theorem for singular curves
Feb. 4, 2009 Yusuf Mustopa Stony Brook Cones of divisor classes on symmetric powers of curves
Feb. 11, 2009 Jason Starr Stony Brook Keeler Lectures
Feb. 18, 2009 David Witt Nystroem Gotteberg Chebyshev functions on Okounkov bodies
Mar. 4, 2009 Mircea Mustata UMich On the Ascending Chain Condition for log canonical thresholds
Mar. 10, 2009 Hélène Esnault Essen On abelian birational sections in char. 0
Eckart Viehweg Essen On Kobayashi geodesics in Ag
Mar. 11, 2009 Alexander Beilinson Chicago The period determinants on curves
Mar. 24, 2009 Aaron Bertram Utah Revisiting Reider's theorem with Bridgeland stability
Apr. 1, 2009 Maxim Kazarian Moscow Enumeration of multisingularities
Apr. 8, 2009 Burt Totaro Cambridge and MSRI Algebraic surfaces and hyperbolic geometry
Apr. 15, 2009 Paltin Ionescu Bucharest On the geometry of defective manifolds
Apr. 21, 2009 D. Marcousevich Lille Abel-Jacobi map for hypersurfaces and non-commutative Calabi-Yau's
Apr. 22, 2009 Wim Veys KU Leuvin Zeta functions and monodromy for ideals
Apr. 22, 2009 Thomas Peternell Bayreuth Manifolds with nef tangent bundles
Apr. 23, 2009 Roland Abauf UMich students Introduction to constellations
Mihai Fulger Effective numerical classes of cycles on projective bundles over curves
Jose Gonzalez On projectivizations of rank two toric vector bundles
Kevin Tucker On bounding the number of LC centers and compatibly F-split subvarieties
Kelli Talaska Planar networks and the totally nonnegative Grassmannian

Fall 2008

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 10, 2008 Jason Starr Stony Brook Rational simple connectedness and Serre's "Conjecture II"
Sept. 12, 2008 Brian Conrad Stanford Pseudo-reductive groups
Sept. 17, 2008 Joel Kamnitzer Toronto Equivalences of derived categories from geometric sl2 actions
Sept. 24, 2008 Xinyi Yuan IAS Positivity in arithmetic geometry
Oct. 1, 2008 Radu Laza UMich Triangulations of the sphere and degenerations of K3 surfaces
Oct. 6, 2008 János Kollár Princeton Log canonical implies Du Bois
Oct. 7, 2008 János Kollár Princeton Cremona transformations and homeomorphisms of topological surfaces
Oct. 8, 2008 Matthew Simpson U Mich Moduli spaces of weighted conics
Oct. 15, 2008 Brendan Hassett Rice Rational curves on holomorphic symplectic varieties
Oct. 18–19, 2008

UM-OSU-UIC Workshop
Davesh Maulik Clay Inst. and MIT Gromov-Witten theory and Noether-Lefschetz theory
Andrew Snowden Princeton The equations of the GIT quotient (P1)n/PGL(2)
Marc Levine Northeastern Double point cobordism
Christian Schnell UIC Extending normal functions without singularities
Oct. 22, 2008 Wing Suet Li Georgia Tech Horn inequalities for finite von Neumann algebras
Oct. 30, 2008 Mihai Paun Nancy Extension of pluricanonical forms and non-vanishing
Nov. 5, 2008 Stein Stromme Bergen, visiting UMich 1-skeleta and the n! ring
Nov. 12, 2008 Lawrence Ein UIC, visiting UMich Extension theorems
Dec. 10, 2008 Sam Payne Stanford Tropicalization and nonarchimedean analytification

Winter 2008

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract
Jan. 9, 2008 Danny Gillam Columbia The Crepant resolution conjecture for an involution of 3-flags
Jonathan Wise Brown Enumerative geometry of hyperelliptic curves in CP2
Jan. 16, 2008 Gueorgui Todorov Utah Pluricanonical maps on threefolds
Dawei Chen Harvard Mori's program for the Kontsevich moduli space
Jan. 23, 2008 Jarod Alper Stanford Good moduli spaces for Artin stacks
Chanyang Xu Princeton Degenerations of rationally connected varieties
Jan 28 Joe Harris Harvard  
Jan. 30, 2008 Brian Conrad UMich  
Feb. 13, 2008 Bumsig Kim KIAS A compactification of the space of maps from curves
Feb. 20, 2008 Amanda Knecht UMich Weak approximation and strong rational connectivity
Mar. 4 – 7, 2008

Spring lectures in algebraic geometry
Ravi Vakil Stanford Murphy's law in algebraic geometry: Badly-behaved moduli spaces

Reimagining universal covers and fundamental groups in algebraic and arithmetic geometry


A natural smooth compactification of the space of smooth genus 1 curves in projective space
Mar. 12, 2008 Johannes Nicaise Lille Complex singularities and non-archimedean geometry
Mar. 19, 2008 Harry Tamvakis Maryland A Giambelli formula for isotropic Grassmannians
Mar. 26, 2008 Jim Borger ANU and Chicago Witt vectors, Lambda-rings, and absolute algebraic geometry
Apr. 2, 2008 David Smyth Harvard New modular compactifications of M1,n
Apr. 9, 2008 Alfred Chen NTU and Utah On birational geometry of threefolds with terminal singularities.
Apr. 16, 2008 Paolo Cascini UCSB On the Minimal Model Program
Apr. 21, 2008 Brian Jurgelewicz UMich students Around the McKay correspondence
Shin-Yao Jow Mori dream spaces and the weak Lefschetz principle for Nef cones
Eugene Eisenstein A characteristic zero perspective on some results ot S. Takagi
Kevin Tucker Jumping numbers on algebraic surfaces with rational singularities
Paul Johnson Hurwitz numbers: the big picture and a small proof
Alan Stapledon Weighted Erhart theory and orbifold cohomology
Apr. 23, 2008 David Rydh KTH, visiting UMich Families of cycles and the Chow scheme

Fall 2007

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 12, 2007 Benjamin Howard UMich Nice projective embeddings for the GIT quotients (P1)n / SL2
Sept. 19, 2007 Carl Miller UMich F-crystals on characteristic p curves
Sept. 26, 2007 Thomas Markwig Visiting UMich Tropical elliptic curves and their j-invariant
Oct. 1, 2007 Junmyeong Jang Purdue Generic p-rank of semistable fibrations
Oct. 3, 2007 Allen Knutson UCSD The space of commuting matrices, and statistical mechanics
Oct. 9, 2007 Allen Knutson UCSD Limits of subvarieties: subschemes vs. branchvarieties
Oct. 11, 2007 Applications of branchvarieties
Oct. 16, 2007 Schubert varieties in G/B are normal and Cohen-Macaulay
Oct. 10, 2007 Daniel Allcock Texas, visiting UMich The moduli space of cubic threefolds as a ball quotient
Oct. 17, 2007 Claude Sabbah Ecole Polytechnique An extension of Hodge theory
Oct. 20–21, 2007

OSU/UM Alg. Geom Workshop
Mihnea Popa UIC Numerical inequalities via syzygies and generic vanishing
Patrick Brosnan UBC Essential dimension and algebraic stacks
Sandor Kovacs Washington Characterizations of projective spaces and hyperquadrics
William Fulton UMich On the equivariant cohomology of homogeneous varieties
Oct. 24, 2007 Prakash Belkale UNC Generalizations of the Horn and saturation conjectures
Nov. 7, 2007 Jenia Tevelev UMass Tropical compactifications of subvarieties of tori
Nov. 13, 2007 Vadim Vologodsky Chicago The conjugate filtration on the ring of differential operators in characteristic p
Nov. 14, 2007 Richard Rimanyi UNC Equivariant classes of matroid realization spaces
Nov. 28, 2007 Hannah Markwig UMich Counting tropical rational curves
Dec. 5, 2007 Mike Roth Queens Cup products on complete flag varieties
Dec. 12, 2007 Amanda Knecht UMich Weak Approximation and Strong Rational Connectivity

Winter 2007

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 10, 2007 Joe Ruskino Georgia Equivlanece of mirror families constructed from toric degenerations of flag varieties
Jan. 17, 2007 Rebecca Lehman MIT Brill-Noether theorems with ramification
Jan. 17, 2007 Robert Easton Stanford Branched group covers and their applications
Jan. 18, 2007 Michael Guy Georgia Moduli of weighted stable maps and their gravitational descendants
Jan. 19, 2007 Carl Miller Berkeley Etale sheaves of Fp modules on a characteristic p curve
Gabriel Kerr Chicago Weighted blowups and homological mirror symmetry for toric surfaces
Jan. 24, 2007 Davesh Maulik Princeton Gromov-Witten theory and Donaldson-Thomas theory
Jan. 31, 2007 Michael Nakamaye New Mexico Diophantine geometry and variation of base loci
Feb. 7, 2007 Dagen Karp Berkeley Cremona, permutohedra and projective space
Feb. 14, 2007 David Lehavi UMich There are no projective surfaces in M
Feb. 21, 2007 Max Lieblich Princeton The Brauer group of a function field and local-to-global principles
Mar. 7, 2007 Sebastien Boucksom Jussieu Formal plurisubharmonic functions
Mar. 14, 2007 Arend Bayer Utah r-th root construction, weighted stable maps and orbifold quantum cohomology
Mar. 21, 2007 Mattias Jonsson UMich On volumes of divisors and a problem of Teissier
Mar. 28, 2007 Sebastian Casalaina-Martin Harvard Prym varieties and the Shottky problem for cubic threefolds
Apr. 4, 2007 Alina Marian Yale The moduli space of vector bundles on a curve: intersection theory and theta functions
Apr. 11, 2007 Thomas Lam Harvard Affine Schubert calculus
Apr. 23–27, 2007 Shigeru Mukai RIMS Spring Lectures in Algebraic Geometry

Fall 2006

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 13, 2006 Radu Laza UMich Deformations of singulaities and variations of GIT quotients
Sept. 20, 2006 Aaron Bertram Utah Pi-stability: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the derived category
Sept. 27, 2006 Karl Schwede UMich A simple characterization of Du Bois singularities and applications
Oct. 4, 2006 Ivan Petrakiev UMich On Zero-dimensional schemes with small Hilbert functions
Oct. 11, 2006 Davesh Maulik Princeton GW/DT correspondence for toric threefolds
Oct. 14–15, 2006

OSU–UM Algebraic Geometry Workshop
Karen Smith UMich Divisors essential for multiplier ideals
Gary Kennedy OSU Tangential quantum cohomology of arbitrary order
Ezra Miller Minnesota, visiting UMich Components of binomial schemes
Claire Voisin Paris VI Hodge loci and absolute Hodge classes
Oct. 18, 2006 Brian Osserman Berkeley Of functors and stacks
Oct. 25, 2006 Ezra Miller Minnesota visiting UMich Horn hypergeometric systems and binomial D-modules
Nov. 8, 2006 Michela Artebani Visiting UMich K3 surfaces and splitting curves
Nov. 14, 2006 Fyodor Zak Indep. Univ. of Moscow Math is easy: a detective story about disparate results in algebraic geometry being a consequence of an elementary theorem in Grassmannian geometry
Nov. 15, 2006 Fyodor Zak Indep. Univ. of Moscow Aspects of Positivity: Asymptotic Geometry of Projective Space
Nov. 29, 2006 Chuck Cadman UMich A relation between relative and twisted Gromov-Witten invariants
Dec. 6, 2006 Julianna Tymoczko UMich Permutation actions on the equivariant cohomology of Grassmannians

Winter 2006

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 18, 2006 Sabin Cautis Harvard Extending families of curves
Jan. 25, 2006 Fabrizio Catanese Bayreuth (visiting UMich) Fibrations of curves of low genus and applications
Feb. 1, 2006 Oren Ben-Basset Penn Twisting equivalences between derived categories
Feb. 8, 2006 Ron Donagi Penn Standard Models for string theory via algebraic geometry
Feb. 15, 2006 Jonathan Wahl UNC Universal abelian coverings of complex surface singularities
Feb. 16, 2006 Manuel Blickle Essen Local cohomology invariants in terms of etale cohomolgy
Feb. 22, 2006 Paolo Cascini UCSB Kähler-Ricci Flow and the Minimal Model Program for Projective Varieties
Mar. 8, 2006 Martin Olsson Texas Compactifying the moduli space of abelian varieties
Mar. 15, 2006 Alastair Craw Stony Brook Toric varieties are fine moduli spaces
Mar. 22, 2006 Noam Elkies Harvard K3 and elliptic surfaces of high rank over Q
Mar. 29, 2006 Alessio Corti Imperial College Quantum cohomology of Fano simplicial toric stacks
Apr. 5, 2006 Rares Rasdeaconu UMich On projective manifolds of negative Kodaira dimension
Apr. 12, 2006 Sandor Kovacs Washington Families of varieties of general type
Apr. 13–19 Paul Biran Tel Aviv Linear systems, singularities, and Lagrangian cycles
Apr. 19, 2006 Tommaso de Fernex Utah Adjunction beyond thresholds and birational rigidity of hypersurfaces
Apr. 21, 2006 Giancarlo Urzua UMich students Compact Riemann surfaces with a Z/p action and genus at most p
Kyungyong Lee Unexpected local algebraic property of multiplier ideals
Bryden Cais Compatibilities in p-adic cohomology
Dave Anderson Double Schubert polynomials
Apr. 24–26 Workshop on the moduli space of curves and Gromov–Witten theory

Fall 2005

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 14, 2005 Renzo Cavaleri UMich Gromov-Witten theory, local Gromov-Witten theory and admissible covers
Sept. 21, 2005 Harm Dersken UMich Combinatorics and quivers
Sept. 28, 2005 David Speyer UMich A matroid invariant via the K-theory of the Grassmannian
Oct. 5, 2005 Eric Sharpe Utah Deformation theory, mirror symmetry, stacks, and physics
Oct. 12, 2005 Brian Conrad UMich Canonical subgroups in abelian varieties
Oct. 19, 2005 James McKernan UCSB Applications of multiplier ideal sheaves to birational geometry
Oct. 26, 2005 János Kollár Princeton Holonomy groups of stable vector bundles
Nov. 2, 2005 Ivan Petrakiev Harvard A step in Castelnuovo theory
Nov. 9, 2005 Karl Schwede Washington F-injective and DuBois singularities
Nov. 16, 2005 Minhyong Kim Purdue The motivic fundamental group and Diophantine geometry
Nov. 30, 2005 Eugenii Shustin Tel Aviv Enumeration of real rational curves and tropical geometry
Dec. 7, 2005 Carolina Araujo IMPA Rational curves of minimal degree and characterizations of projective varieties
Dec. 10–11, 2005

UM–OSU Algebraic Geometry Workshop
David Lehavi Princeton A6 is of general type
Izzet Coskun MIT The ample and effective cones of Kontsevich moduli spaces
Ludmil Katzarkov UC Irvine and Miami Homological mirror symmetry and birational geometry
David Speyer Clay Inst. and UMich Hives by degenerating triple of flags

Winter 2005

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 19, 2005 Renzo Cavaleri Utah Topological quantum field theories, admissible covers, and a deformation of the class algebra of the symmetric group
Jan. 26, 2005 Deepee Khosla Harvard Divisors on moduli spaces of curves: new techniques for calculation
Feb. 2, 2005 Roy Skjelnes visiting UMich Hilbert scheme compactification of the configuration space of points
Feb. 9, 2005 Maryam Mirzakhani Clay Institute Intersection theory on the moduli space of curves and simple geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces
Feb. 16, 2005 Alex Yong Berkeley On smoothness and Gorensteinness of Schubert varieties
Feb. 23, 2005 Igor Dolgachev UMich Life in characteristic p
Mar. 9, 2005 Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk Purdue Simple Hironaka resolution
Mar. 16, 2005 Kalle Karu UBC Toric residue mirror conjecture
Mar. 23, 2005 Mark Goresky IAS Moduli spaces of abelian varieties
Mar. 24, 2005 Lev Borisov Wisconsin Modular symbols and logarithmic derivatives of the theta function
Mar. 30, 2005 Holger Brenner Sheffield Tight closure and positivity
Apr. 2–3 UMich–OSU Algebraic Geometry workshop (in Columbus)
Apr. 6, 2005 Julius Ross Columbia  
Apr. 13, 2005 Nick Shephard-Barron Cambridge  
Apr. 18–22 Burt Totaro Cambridge Lectures on the topology of algebraic varieties

Fall 2004

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 15, 2004 Tommaso de Fernex UMich Stringy Chern classes of singular varieties
Sept. 22, 2004 Charles Cadman UMich Gromov-Witten invariants of stacks
Sept. 29, 2004 Mircea Mustata UMich On some invariants of singularities
Oct. 6, 2004 Stephanie Yang UMich Harbourne-Hirschowitz and related conjectures
Oct. 12, 2004 Jessica Sidman Mt. Holyoke Lexicographic generic initial ideals of complete intersection space curves
Oct. 13, 2004 Angela Gibney Penn A higher dimensional analog of the moduli space of pointed stable rational curves
Oct. 20, 2004 Siegfried Bosch Münster Duality for Néron models of abelian varieties
Oct. 27, 2004 János Kollár Princeton Seifert bundles
Nov. 3, 2004 Mihnea Popa Harvard Castelnuovo theory and the geometric Schottky problem
Nov. 10, 2004 Ravi Vakil Stanford Murphy's Law in algebraic geometry: badly-behaved deformation spaces
Nov. 17, 2004 Sunsuke Takagi visiting UMich A subadditivity property of multiplier ideals on singular varieties
Nov. 20–21

OSU/UM Algebraic Geometry workshop
Mike Roth Queens Affine stratifications of Mgn
Sheldon Katz UIUC Donaldson-Thomas and Gopakumar-Vafa invariants of Calabi-Yau threefolds
Roy Joshua OSU Intersection cohomology of reductive varieties
Rob Lazarsfeld UMich Asymptotic invariants of line bundles
Dec. 1, 2004 Chris Hacon Utah Rational curves and the locus of log-canonical singularities
Dec. 8, 2004 Elham Izadi Georgia On the Hodge conjecture for abelian varieties

Winter 2004

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 14, 2004 Max Lieblich MIT Moduli of twisted sheaves and the period-index problem
Jan. 21, 2004 Brian Osserman MIT Limit linear series: simple cases in positive characteristic
Jan. 27, 2004 Stephanie Yang Harvard Linear systems of plane curves through base points of bounded multiplicity
Jan. 28, 2004 Yongnam Lee Sogang Godeaux surfaces
Feb. 4, 2004 Charles Cadman Columbia An enumerative application of the quantum cohomology of a stack
Feb. 11, 2004 Kevin Purbhoo Berkeley Nullstellensaetze for tropical geometry and amoebas
Feb. 18, 2004 Al Taylor UMich High-order microlocal tangents to analytic varieties
Mar. 6–7 UMich–OSU Algebraic Geometry workshop (in Columbus)
Mar. 10, 2004 Jun-Muk Hwang KIAS and Harvard Prolongations of linear Lie algebras and rigidity of GP
Mar. 17, 2004 Matthew Szczesny Penn Chiral de Rham complex, orbifolds, and discrete torsion
Mar. 24, 2004 Olivier Debarre Strasbourg / UMich Varieties with ample cotangent bundle
Mar. 31, 2004 Eric Zaslow Northwestern SYZ Geometry and the "Y" Vertex
Apr. 7, 2004 Chris Hacon Utah Birational geometry of irregular varieties
Apr. 14, 2004 David Lehavi Ohio State Formulas for the arithmetic geometric mean of curves of genus 3

Fall 2003

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 10, 2003 Nicholas Proudfoot Berkeley Hyperkahler analogues of your favorite Kahler manifolds
Sept. 17–19 Allen Knutson Berkeley Keeler Lectures
Sept. 24, 2003 Paul Hacking UMich Compact moduli of hyperplane arrangements
Oct. 1, 2003 Julianna Tymoczko UMich Intersection conditions in flag varieties
Oct. 8 , 2003 Paul Horja UMich Hypergeometric functions and toric birational geometry
Oct. 15, 2003 Mihnea Popa Harvard and Chicago Restricted volumes and asymptotic intersection numbers
Oct. 22, 2003 Brian Conrad UMich  
Oct. 29, 2003 Russell Goward UMich The Algorithm of resolution of singularities
Nov. 5, 2003 Nero Budur Johns Hopkins Different viewpoints on non-log terminal singularities
Nov. 8–9

OSU/UMich Algebraic Geometry workshop
Herb Clemens OSU Towards a variational version of the Hodge Conjecture
Jason Starr MIT Sections of algebraic fibrations over a surface
Tom Nevins UMich Particles, differential operators and algebraic surfaces
Rahul Pandharipande Princeton Tautological classes on the moduli space of curves
Nov. 12, 2003 Shunsuke Takagi Tokyo A tight closure-theoretic approach to multiplier ideals
Dec. 3, 2003 Izzet Coskun Harvard Enumerative geometry of higher-dimensional varieties via degenerations

Winter 2003

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 8, 2003 Ezra Miller MSRI Positive formulae for quiver polynomials
Jan. 22, 2003 Y. Lee Sogang Smoothable stable log surfaces
Jan. 29, 2003 J. Keum KIAS Universal coverings of open K3 surfaces
Feb. 5, 2003 J.-C. Chen Harvard Flops, moduli spaces and derived categories
Feb. 8–9 UMich–OSU Algebraic Geometry workshop (in Columbus)
Feb. 12, 2003 G. Pacienza OSU Subvarieties of general type on general projective hypersurfaces
Feb. 19, 2003 S. Fomin and W. Fulton UMich Eigenvalues, singular values, and Schubert calculus
Mar. 5, 2003 Lev Borisov Wisconsin Cohomology of stacky toric varieties
Mar. 12, 2003 Igor Dolgachev UMich Abstract configurations in algebraic geometry
Mar. 19, 2003 Ravi Vakil Stanford Schubert induction
Mar. 26, 2003 Dan Abramovich Boston U. & Brown Valuative criterion for stable complexes
Apr. 2, 2003 Donghoon Hyeon Rice Moduli space of principal bundles
Apr. 9, 2003 Valery Alexeev Georgia  

Fall 2002

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 18, 2002 Charles Favre Jussieu A valuative criterion for integrability
Sept. 25, 2002 Sigrid Wortmann Heidelberg Motives and automorphic forms
Oct. 2, 2002 Mircea Mustata Clay Inst. and Harvard Log discrepancies, jet schemes and inversion of adjunction
Oct. 9, 2002 Yurii Neretin visiting UMich Complete colliniations and hinge semigroup
Oct. 16, 2002 Howard Thompson UMich Multiplier ideals of torus invariant ideals on Q-Gorenstein toric varieties can be computed using convex geometry
Oct. 23, 2002 Angela Gibney UMich Numerical criteria for a divisor on Mg to be ample
Oct. 30, 2002 Grighory Mikhalkin Utah Counting holomorphic curves via lattice paths in polygons
Nov. 6, 2002 Tommaso de Fernex UMich Singularities of pairs and birational rigidity
Nov. 13, 2002 Nick Shepherd-Barron Cambridge Smoothness of deformation spaces in mixed characteristic via tangent lifting
Nov. 15, 2002 Phillip Griffiths IAS Hodge-theoretic invariants of algebraic cycles
Nov. 20, 2002 Daniel Krashen UCLA and UMich The geometry of central simple algebras
Dec. 4, 2002 Tom Nevins UMich Differential solitons in algebraic geometry

Winter 2002

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 9, 2002 Andrew Kresch Penn Gromov-Witten invariants of Grassmannians
Jan. 16, 2002 Tomaso de Fernex UIC Birational geometry and inequalities of the different invariants
Jan. 23, 2002 Mike Roth UMich Abel-Jacobi maps and the cubic threefold
Jan. 30, 2002 Karen Smith UMich An application of multiplier ideals to valuation theory
Feb. 13, 2002 Gavril Farkas UMich Stable bundles, difference varieties and divisors on moduli spaces of pointed curves
Feb. 20, 2002 Anders Buch MIT Quantum cohomology of Grassmannians
Feb. 28–Mar. 3 Mini-conference on algebraic curves and their moduli
Mar. 4, 2002 Mihnea Popa Harvard Sumner Meyers Prize Lecture
Mar. 6, 2002 Brian Conrad UMich Approximations of formal deformations
Mar. 13, 2002 Herb Clemens IAS and Utah Special colloquium
Mar. 14 Herb Clemens IAS and Utah The Hilbert scheme of curves on a Calabi-Yau threefold as a gradient variety
Mar. 18 Bob Friedman Columbia Regular elements in algebraic groups and principal G-bundles over elliptic curves
Mar. 19 Bob Friedman Columbia Exceptional groups and Del Pezzo surfaces
Mar. 20, 2002 Howard Thompson Berkeley From toric varieties to log schemes
Mar. 27, 2002 Philip Candelas Oxford The zeta function for the quintic threefold
Apr. 3, 2002 Burt Totaro 0xford T.B.A.
Apr. 4 Herwig Hauser Innsbruck Hironaka's induction, revisited
Apr. 10, 2002 Eric Zaslow Northwestern Duality and the open string
Apr. 17, 2002 Tony Pantev Penn Hodge structures on homotopy types

Fall 2001

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 5, 2001 Mark Kisin SFB, Muenster Grothendieck's p-curvature conjecture for generic curves
Sept. 12, 2001 Paul Horja UMich "Old" and new in mirror symmetry
Sept. 19, 2001 Konstanze Rietsch Cambridge Total positivity, flag varieties and quantum cohomology
Sept. 26, 2001 Karen Smith UMich Kawamata's non-vanishing conjecture
Oct. 3, 2001 Paul Hacking UMich Compact moduli of surfaces and plane curves
Oct. 10, 2001 Alfred Chen visiting UMich Linear series on irregular varieties
Oct. 17, 2001 Sergey Fomin UMich Cluster algebras
Oct. 24, 2001 Jim Milne UMich Grothendieck's standard conjectures and the Hodge conjecture
Nov. 1 Rahul Pandharipande Princeton Gromov-Witten invariants and completed cycles
Nov. 7, 2001 Vangelos Mouroukos UMich Motives
Nov. 14, 2001 Tom Graber Harvard Families of rationally connected varieties
Nov. 28, 2001 Michael Nakamaye New Mexico A numerical characterization of base-loci of linear series
Dec. 5, 2001 Igor Dolgachev UMich Mumford's fake plane

Winter 2001

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 10, 2001 Michael Thaddeus Columbia Mirror symmetry and Langlands duality
Jan. 17, 2001 Mihnea Popa UMich Stable maps and quot schemes
Jan. 24, 2001 Ravi Vakil MIT Branched covers of the projective line and the Chow ring of the moduli space of curves
Jan. 31, 2001 Vangelos Mouroukos U Mich Filtrations on Chow groups and higher Abel-Jacobi maps
Feb. 7, 2001 Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk Purdue Algebraic Morse theory, stratified toroidal varieties and factorization of birational maps
Feb. 14, 2001 William Fulton U Mich Introduction to the Cayley Bacharach theorem
Feb. 21, 2001 Angela Gibney UMich Towards the ample cone of the moduli space of pointed curves
Mar. 7, 2001 Sheldon Katz Oklahoma State The multiple cover formula for P1 and the disk in a Calabi-Yau threefold
Mar. 8, 2001 Michael Shapiro KTH Stockholm Hurwitz numbers and moduli spaces
Mar. 14, 2001 Flavio Flamini Rome III Families of nodal curves on algebraic surfaces
Mar. 21, 2001 J-M Hwang KIAS Deformation rigidity of GP
Apr. 4, 2001 Chris Woodward Rutgers Parabolic bundles on curves and products of conjugacy classes
Apr. 11, 2001 Johan De Jong MIT Counting elliptic surfaces over P1

Fall 2000

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 6, 2000 Thomas Bauer Marburg Seshadri constants on surfaces and Jacobians
Tomasz Szemberg Visiting UMich Inner projections and higher order embeddings
Sept. 13, 2000 Angela Gibney UMich Fibrations of the moduli space of stable n-pointed curves of genus g
Tom Nevins UMich Moduli stacks of framed sheaves
Sept. 20, 2000 Gavril Farkas UMich The geometry of the moduli space of curves of genus 23
Silke Lekaus Visiting UMich Relation between the dimension of the ring generated by a vector bundle and a torsor trivializing it
Sept. 27, 2000 Gilberto Bini UMich Some results on the Euler characteristic of the moduli space of pointed curves
Oct. 4, 2000 Tom Garrity Visiting UMich Using algebraic geometry to understand CR structures: local and global invariants for real submanifolds of a complex space
Oct. 11, 2000 Ivo Radloff Visiting UMich Smooth positive surfaces in threefolds
Prishka Jahnke VIsiting UMich Submanifolds with splitting tangent sequence
Oct. 18, 2000 Igor Dolgachev UMich Linear codes and algebraic surfaces
Nov. 1, 2000 A. Klyachko Visiting UMich Stable bundles, representation theory, and Hermitian operators
Nov. 8, 2000 Finn Knudsen Visiting UMich The cohomological determinant: from diagrams to signs
Nov. 15, 2000 Igor Dolgachev UMich Introduction to Bernstein polynomials
Nov. 29, 2000 Mircea Mustata Berkeley Jet schemes of singular varieties and integration on spaces of arcs
Dec. 6, 2000 Sheldon Katz Oklahoma State Counting algebraic curves by geometry and physics
Dec. 13, 2000 Sandra Di Rocco Yale General properties and applications of jet bundles
When does a jet bundle split?

Winter 2000

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 12, 2000 Karen Smith UMich Test ideals and multiplier ideals – another test
Jan. 19, 2000 Harm Derksen MIT Quiver representations
Jan. 26, 2000 Tom Nevins Chicago Moduli spaces of framed sheaves on ruled surfaces
Feb. 2, 2000 S. Kondo Nagoya Automorphisms of K3 surfaces and the moduli space of curves of genus 3
Feb. 16, 2000 Matthew Emerton UMich Crystals and p-adic sheaves on varieties in characteristic p
Feb. 23, 2000 Lawrence Ein   Multiplier ideals
Mar. 8, 2000 Igor Dolgachev UMich Theta divisors
Mar. 15, 2000 Brendan Hassett Chicago Ample divisors on holomorphic symplectic fourfolds
Mar. 22, 2000 Inaugural Lecture:  Gehring Visiting Professorship The diversity of quasiconformal phenomena
Mar. 29, 2000 Sándor Kovács Chicago Arakelov-Parshin boundedness
Apr. 3, 2000 David Ben-Zvi Chicago Moduli of curves and bundles via vertex algebras
Apr. 5, 2000 Mihnea Popa UMich Generalized theta linear series on moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves
Apr. 6, 2000 Karen Smith UMich Some applications of multiplier ideals to commutative algebra
Apr. 12, 2000 A. Verra Rome III The Gauss map for the Prym theta divisor
Apr. 14–16 Workshop in Algebraic Geometry in honor of William Fulton

Fall 1999

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Sept. 15, 1999 Yujiro Kawamata Tokyo The adjunction of canonical divisors
Sept. 22, 1999 Ana Bravo UMich visitor Smoothness and arithmetical schemes
Sept. 29, 1999 E. Mouroukos UMich Arithmetic Hodge structures and higher Abel-Jacobi maps, after Green, Asakura and Saito
Oct. 6, 1999 Gary Kennedy UMich visitor Contact formulas for rational plane curves
Oct. 11, 1999 Ching-Li Chai Penn Congruence of Neron models: solution to a problem of Gross and Prasad
Oct. 11, 1999 Moshe Jarden Tel Aviv Torsion on abelian varieties over large algebraic fields
Oct. 12, 1999 Conan Leung Minnesota Rational curves on Calabi-Yau manifolds
Oct. 13, 1999 Alex Ulyanov Penn State Polydiagonal compactification of configuration spaces
Oct. 20, 1999 Paul Feehan Ohio State Witten's conjecture and gluing PU(2) monopoles
Oct. 27, 1999 Jason Starr Harvard Rational curves on hypersurfaces in Pn
Nov. 2, 1999 Eleny Ionel Wisconsin Gromov-Witten invariants of symplectic sums and applications
Nov. 3, 1999 Linda Chen UMich visitor Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds
Nov. 9, 1999 Michael Duff UM Physics A layman's guide to M-theory
Nov. 10, 1999 Martin Sombra IAS Effective Nullstellensatz, division formulas, and all that
Nov. 17, 1999 Dennis Gaitsgory Harvard The appearance of the Langlands dual group
Nov. 22, 1999 Sasha Orlik Cologne The cohomology of period domains over finite fields
Dec. 1, 1999 Gerald Höhn Freiburg Second quantized elliptic genera and Borcherds lifts
Dec. 8, 1999 Lucia Caporaso Harvard Uniformity properties of curves over function fields
Dec. 9, 1999 David Mumford Brown Some experiences with applied math – or "How to wear two hats on one head"

Winter 1999

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Jan. 13, 1999 Karen Smith UMich Basic Notions: The Cartier isomorphism
Jan. 20, 1999 Mark de Cataldo Harvard The decomposition theorem : Hilbert schemes and Heisenberg algebras
Jan. 27, 1999 Y. Kachi Johns Hopkins Flips, numerical projective spaces, and the index theorem
Feb. 3, 1999 Adam Logan Harvard Moduli of curves with marked points
Feb. 10, 1999 Sándor Kovács Chicago Rational singularities
Feb. 17, 1999 Pasha Belorousski UMich Intermediate Notions: Hilbert schemes of points of surfaces
Feb. 22, 1999 David Ben-Zvi Harvard Spectral curves, opers and integrable systems
Feb. 23, 1999 Anders Buch Chicago Formulas for degeneracy loci
Feb. 24, 1999 Brian Greene Columbia String theory and the fabric of spacetime
Mar. 9, 1999 Anders Buch Chicago Formulas for degeneracy loci: II
Mar. 10, 1999 Dan Burns UMich Stable bundles and integrable systems
Mar. 10, 1999 Kalle Karu Boston U. Semistable reduction in characteristic zero
Mar. 17, 1999 Vladimir Baranovsky Chicago Moduli of sheaves on surfaces and the action of the oscillator algebra
Mar. 23, 1999 Bernd Sturmfels Berkeley Resonant hypergeometric series
Mar. 23, 1999 Bernd Sturmfels Berkeley Cellular resolutions in combinatorial commutative algebra
Mar. 24, 1999 Ravi Vakil MIT Twelve points on the projective line
Mar. 29, 1999 Brian Conrad Harvard Twisted Galois representations and elliptic curves
Mar. 30, 1999 J.-P. Demailly Grenoble On the hard Lefschetz theorem for pseudo-effective line bundles
Mar. 31, 1999 Matthew Emerton UMich The geometric Langlands construction
Mar. 31, 1999 J.-P. Demailly Grenoble Hyperbolicity of generic surfaces of large degree in P3
Apr. 6, 1999 Dennis Gaitsgory IAS Geometric construction of central elements in the affine Hecke algebra
Apr. 7, 1999 Dennis Gaitsgory IAS Local-to-global methods of construction of automorphic D-modules
Apr. 7, 1999 Vangelis Mouroukos Chicago Cohomological connectivity and algebraic cycles
Apr. 12, 1999 Pasha Belorousski UMich Mumford-Polyakov measure on the moduli space of algebraic curves
Apr. 14, 1999 De-Qi Zhang Singapore Fano varieties with mild singularities, Cartier index and fundamental group
Apr. 21, 1999 A. Barvinok UMich Quadratic convexity

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