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Donald Higman list of manuscripts

(T stands for temporary numbering)


Bob Griess found [T1]-[T48] in Math Reviews listing. Other items at end of this table.

[T1] MR1345694 (96g:05035) Higman, D. G. Strongly regular designs of the second kind. European J. Combin. 16 (1995), no. 5, 479--490. (Reviewer: Esther R. Lamken) 05B30

[T2] MR1344562 (96j:05117) Higman, D. G. Rank $5$ association schemes and triality. Linear Algebra Appl. 226/228 (1995), 197--222. (Reviewer: Sanpei Kageyama) 05E30

[T3] MR1138741 (92i:05028) Haemers, W. H.; Higman, D. G.; Hobart, S. A. Strongly regular graphs induced by polarities of symmetric designs. Advances in finite geometries and designs (Chelwood Gate, 1990), 163--168, Oxford Sci. Publ., Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 1991. (Reviewer: Dina Smit-Ghinelli) 05B05 (05E30)


[T4] MR1316208 (96g:20006) Higman, D. G. Weights and $t$-graphs. Algebra, groups and geometry. Bull. Soc. Math. Belg. Sér. A 42 (1990), no. 3, 501--521. (Reviewer: Hugo S. Sun) 20C15 (05C25)


[T5] MR1069158 (92a:05032) Higman, D. G. Computations related to coherent configurations. Proceedings of the Nineteenth Manitoba Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Computing (Winnipeg, MB, 1989). Congr. Numer. 75 (1990), 9--20. (Reviewer: Arnold Neumaier) 05B30 (05E30 15A30 20C99)


[T6] MR0986885 (90b:05108) Haemers, W. H.; Higman, D. G. Strongly regular graphs with strongly regular decomposition. Linear Algebra Appl. 114/115 (1989), 379--398. (Reviewer: Dieter Jungnickel) 05C75 (05B30)


[T7] MR0950061 (89i:05070) Higman, D. G. Strongly regular designs and coherent configurations of type $[{3\atop {\;}}\;\;{2\atop 3}]$. European J. Combin. 9 (1988), no. 4, 411--422. (Reviewer: Dieter Jungnickel) 05B30


[T8] MR0898557 (89d:15001) Higman, D. G. Coherent algebras. Linear Algebra Appl. 93 (1987), 209--239. 15A30

[T9] MR0690807 (84c:05026) Higman, D. G. Admissible graphs. Finite geometries (Pullman, Wash., 1981), pp. 211--222, Lecture Notes in Pure and Appl. Math., 82, Dekker, New York, 1983. (Reviewer: Francis Buekenhout) 05B25 (05C25 51A10)


[T10] MR0541394 (80m:20008) Higman, D. G. Systems of configurations. Proceedings, Bicentennial Congress Wiskundig Genootschap (Vrije Univ., Amsterdam, 1978), Part I, pp. 205--212, Math. Centre Tracts, 100, Math. Centrum, Amsterdam, 1979. 20C20 (05B99 05C20)

Note: [T10] Systems of Configurations is the title of two preprints, which differ in their covers, but appear to be the same.

[T11] MR0470042 (57 #9810) Higman, D. G. Lectures on permutation representations. Notes taken by Wolfgang Hauptmann. Vorlesungen aus dem Mathematischen Institut Giessen, Heft 4. Mathematisches Institut Giessen, Giessen, 1977. 106 pp. (Reviewer: Michael Klemm) 20BXX


[T12] MR0437368 (55 #10299) Higman, D. G. Coherent configurations. II. Weights. Geometriae Dedicata 5 (1976), no. 4, 413--424. (Reviewer: Robert A. Liebler) 05B99 (20C99)


[T13] MR0409627 (53 #13379) Higman, D. G. A monomial character of Fischer's baby monster. Proceedings of the Conference on Finite Groups (Univ. Utah, Park City, Utah, 1975), pp. 277--283. Academic Press, New York, 1976. (Reviewer: Bhama Srinivasan) 20D05

[T14] MR0398868 (53 #2719) Higman, D. G. Coherent configurations. I. Ordinary representation theory. Geometriae Dedicata 4 (1975), no. 1, 1--32. (Reviewer: Robert A. Liebler) 05B99


[T15] MR0387065 (52 #7912) Combinatorics. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Nijenrode Castle, Breukelen, 8--20 July 1974. Edited by M. Hall, Jr. and J. H. van Lint. NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol. 16. D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht-Boston, Mass.; Mathematical Centre, Amsterdam, 1974. viii+482 pp. 05-06 (94A20)


[T16] MR0382418 (52 #3302) Higman, D. G. Schur relations for weighted adjacency algebras. Symposia Mathematica, Vol. XIII (Convegno di Gruppi e loro Rappresentazioni, INDAM, Rome, 1972), pp. 467--477. Academic Press, London, 1974. (Reviewer: L. Dornhoff) 20C15


[T17] MR0379244 (52 #150) Higman, D. G. Invariant relations, coherent configurations and generalized polygons. Combinatorics (Proc. Advanced Study Inst., Breukelen, 1974), Part 3: Combinatorial group theory, pp. 27--43. Math. Centre Tracts, No. 57, Math. Centrum, Amsterdam, 1974. (Reviewer: Robert A. Liebler) 05B30


[T18] MR0351864 (50 #4352) Higman, D. G. Coherent configurations and generalized polygons. Combinatorial mathematics (Proc. Second Australian Conf., Univ. Melbourne, Melbourne, 1973), pp. 1--5. Lecture Notes in Math., Vol. 403, Springer, Berlin, 1974. (Reviewer: Brian Alspach) 05B30



[T19] MR0360346 (50 #12796) Higman, D. G. Remark on Shult's graph extension theorem. Finite groups '72 (Proc. Gainesville Conf., Univ. Florida, Gainesville, Fla., 1972), pp. 80--83. North-Holland Math. Studies, Vol. 7, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1973. (Reviewer: Chong-Keang Lim) 05C25


[T20] MR0345848 (49 #10578) Higman, D. G. Combinatorial considerations about permutation groups. Lectures given in 1971. Mathematical Institute, Oxford University, Oxford, 1972. ii+56 pp. (Reviewer: W. M. Kantor) 05B30 (20B25)


[T21] MR0427435 (55 #467) Higman, D. G. A survey of some questions and results about rank 3 permutation groups. Actes du Congrès International des Mathématiciens (Nice, 1970), Tome 1, pp. 361--365. Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1971. (Reviewer: Shiro Iwasaki) 20B05


[T22] MR0366698 (51 #2945) Higman, D. G. Partial geometries, generalized quadrangles and strongly regular graphs. Atti del Convegno di Geometria Combinatoria e sue Applicazioni (Univ. Perugia, Perugia, 1970), pp. 263--293. Ist. Mat., Univ. Perugia, Perugia, 1971. (Reviewer: Jane W. Di Paola) 05B25


[T23] MR0340088 (49 #4844) Hestenes, M. D.; Higman, D. G. Rank $3$ groups and strongly regular graphs. Computers in algebra and number theory (Proc. SIAM-AMS Sympos. Appl. Math., New York, 1970), pp. 141--159. SIAM-AMS Proc., Vol. IV, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, R.I., 1971. (Reviewer: Brian Alspach) 05C25


[T24] MR0320123 (47 #8664) Higman, D. G. Characterization of rank $3$ permutation groups by the subdegrees. Representation theory of finite groups and related topics (Proc. Sympos. Pure Math., Vol. XXI, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1970), pp. 71--72. Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, R.I., 1971. (Reviewer: M. D. Hestenes) 20B10


[T25] MR0276316 (43 #2063) Higman, D. G. Solvability of a class of rank $3$ permutation groups. Nagoya Math. J. 41 1971 89--96. (Reviewer: J. P. J. McDermott) 20.20


[T26] MR0325420 (48 #3767) Higman, D. G. Coherent configurations. I. Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova 44 (1970), 1--25. (Reviewer: Robert A. Liebler) 05B30


[T27] MR0274565 (43 #328) Higman, D. G. Characterization of families of rank $3$ permutation groups by the subdegrees. II. Arch. Math. (Basel) 21 1970 353--361. (Reviewer: M. D. Hestenes) 20.20


[T28] MR0268260 (42 #3159) Higman, D. G. Characterization of families of rank 3 permutation groups by the subdegrees. I. Arch. Math. (Basel) 21 1970 151--156. (Reviewer: M. D. Hestenes) 20.20


[T29] MR0227269 (37 #2854) Higman, Donald G.; Sims, Charles C. A simple group of order $44,352,000$. Math. Z. 105 1968 110--113. (Reviewer: D. A. Robinson) 20.29


[T30] MR0223971 (36 #7018) Higman, Donald G. On finite affine planes of rank $3$. Math. Z. 104 1968 147--149. (Reviewer: H. Lüneburg) 50.60


[T31] MR0209346 (35 #244) Higman, D. G. Intersection matrices for finite permutation groups. J. Algebra 6 1967 22--42. (Reviewer: W. E. Jenner) 20.20


[T32] MR0218440 (36 #1526) Higman, Donald G. Primitive rank $3$ groups with a prime subdegree. Math. Z. 91 1966 70--86. (Reviewer: D. L. Barnett) 20.20


[T33] MR0175980 (31 #256) Higman, D. G.; McLaughlin, J. E. Rank $3$ subgroups of finite symplectic and unitary groups. J. Reine Angew. Math. 218 1965 174--189. (Reviewer: P. Dembowski) 20.70


[T34] MR0186724 (32 #4182) Higman, Donald G. Finite permutation groups of rank $3$. Math. Z. 86 1964 145--156. (Reviewer: C. Hering) 20.20


[T35] MR0143098 (26 #663) Higman, D. G. Flag-transitive collineation groups of finite projective spaces. Illinois J. Math. 6 1962 434--446. (Reviewer: T. G. Room) 50.60


[T36] MR0131216 (24 #A1069) Higman, D. G.; McLaughlin, J. E. Geometric $ABA$-groups. Illinois J. Math. 5 1961 382--397. (Reviewer: G. Zappa) 50.35


[T37] MR0109175 (22 #63) Higman, D. G. On representations of orders over Dedekind domains. Canad. J. Math. 12 1960 107--125. (Reviewer: I. Reiner) 18.00 (16.00)


[T38] MR0109174 (22 #62) Higman, D. G. On isomorphisms of orders. Michigan Math. J. 6 1959 255--257. (Reviewer: G. Azumaya) 18.00 (16.00)


[T39] MR0109151 (22 #39) Higman, D. G.; McLaughlin, J. E. Finiteness of class numbers of representations of algebras over function fields. Michigan Math. J. 6 1959 401--404. (Reviewer: W. E. Jenner) 12.00 (16.00)


[T40] MR0083486 (18,715d) Higman, D. G. Relative cohomology. Canad. J. Math. 9 (1957), 19--34. (Reviewer: G. P. Hochschild) 09.3X


[T41] MR0088486 (19,527a) Higman, D. G. On orders in separable algebras. Canad. J. Math. 7 (1955), 509--515. (Reviewer: B. Eckmann) 09.3X


[T42] MR0087671 (19,390b) Higman, D. G. Induced and produced modules. Canad. J. Math. 7 (1955), 490--508. (Reviewer: B. Eckmann) 18.0X


[T43] MR0067896 (16,794c) Higman, D. G. Indecomposable representations at characteristic $p$. Duke Math. J. 21, (1954). 377--381. (Reviewer: B. Eckmann) 20.0X


[T44] MR0067895 (16,794b) Higman, D. G. Modules with a group of operators. Duke Math. J. 21, (1954). 369--376. (Reviewer: B. Eckmann) 20.0X


[T45] MR0066379 (16,565d) Higman, D. G. Remarks on splitting extensions. Pacific J. Math. 4, (1954). 545--555. (Reviewer: Graham Higman) 20.0X


[T46] MR0058597 (15,396b) Higman, D. G. Focal series in finite groups. Canadian J. Math. 5, (1953). 477--497. (Reviewer: Graham Higman) 20.0X


[T47] MR0047644 (13,907c) Higman, Donald Gordon Focal series in finite groups. Abstract of a thesis, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., 1952. ii+1+i pp. 20.0X


[T48] MR0041138 (12,800h) Higman, Donald G. Lattice homomorphisms induced by group homomorphisms. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 2, (1951). 467--478. (Reviewer: P. M. Whitman) 20.0X




[T49] PREPRINT, DATED 8/26/97 Some highly symmetric chamber systems, 8 pages.

from Don Higman's collection, obtained by Bob Griess

[T50] REPRINT, Monomial Representations, Int'l Symp. on Theory of Finite Groups, Sept. 1974.

from Don Higman's collection, obtained by Bob Griess
[T51] PREPRINT, A note on regular 3-graphs, 7 pages (typed) contributed by Alyssa Sankey
[T52] PREPRINT, The parabolics of a semi-coherent configuration, 18 pages (seems to be dot matrix printed) contributed by Alyssa Sankey
[T53] PREPRINT, Relation configurations and relation algebras, 27 pages (typed -- signature under title) contributed by Alyssa Sankey
[T54] PREPRINT, Uniform association schemes, 23 pages (word processed?) contributed by Alyssa Sankey
[T55] PREPRINT, Untitled, 16 pages (the table of contents starts with color schemes and morphisms, ends with homology and weights)(word processed, with handwriting) contributed by Alyssa Sankey
[T56] PREPRINT, Part ____, Homogeneous Configurations of Rank 4, [DH told Manley Perkel that this was supposed to be part 4 of a series] 36 pages (hand written) . Don Higman gave this to Manley Perkel in 1974 to proofread. It is related to notes from a course in 1972-73 at University of Michigan. contributed by Manley Perkel
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