version 31 October, 2009



"Experiences at Michigan 1949-1970", by William LeVeque (2002) : p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9


Letter from T. H. Hildebrandt to Leveque family, dated March 4, 1959, sent from Atlanta Georgia: page1, page2.

This is a scan of a photocopy provided by Bill Leveque to Bob Griess in 2002. The source appears to involve pages taped together. The lines of type are not parallel.

Photos (f=front, b=back)

1f, 1b McLaughlin, LeVeque 3216 Angell Hall 1960

2f, 2b MR editors LeVeque, Berberian and Crittenden and A. Armendariz, assoc. editor; 416 4th St., Ann Arbor, 1966

3f, 3b Chairman LeVeque, Lewis, Hildebrandt, Hay 1968

4f, 4b C. J. Titus, R. Bott and J. McLaughlin; 40th birthday party, 1963