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  There is a lot to say about Alexander Ziwet's role at the University of Michigan. This is a beginning. (31 October 2009)

From: hybass
Subject: Re: Math Department History Bulletin, 16 March, 2001
Date: March 16, 2001 12:01:45 PM GMT-05:00
To: rlg, department, mathrev

Addendum about Alexander Ziwet:
While an Assistant Professor at UM, Ziwet attended and took notes, (published in 1894, and recently reprinted by the AMS), for a famous series of "colloquium" lectures of Felix Klein, featuring some of the important mathematical developments of the late 19th century, including Lie theory, function theory, algebraic geometry (of curves and surfaces), number theory, and non euclidean geometry. These lectures, held under the hospitality of Northwestern University, followed a Congress of Mathematics sponsored by the World's Fair Auxillary, 21-26 August, 1893. This occasion launched the greatly influential role that Klein played in the development of American mathematics.


Bob Griess, email to the department, 16 March, 2001:

In Michigan Today, Fall 2000, p.21, there was a letter from Theodore W. Hildebrandt, one of the four sons of T. H. Hildebrandt, a longtime chair of our Mathematics Department. In it, TWH, mentions that Alexander Ziwet (which AZ pronounced ``Zee-vet") was a frequent dinner guest of his parents. TWH speculates THH was a protege' of Ziwet.