Sijue Wu

Office Phone: (734) 764-6898

Title: Professor


I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at University of Michigan. I was trained as a harmonic analyst, later on moved into the subject of nonlinear partial differential equations. I have worked on nonlinear PDEs from fluid dynamics, including the Euler equations, the vortex sheets and water waves. My current focus is on understanding the singularities in surface waves.

Ph.D Students:

Yuxin Wang (current)

Former Ph.D Students:

Qingtang Su (Ph.D 2019, postdoc at USC)
Siddhant Agrawal (Ph.D 2018, UMass, Amherst)
Jennifer Beichman (Ph.D 2013, Smith College)
Rafe Kinsey (Ph.D 2014, Spark, NYC)
Nathan Totz (Ph.D 2011, Univ. of Miami)

Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applications

A conference in honor of R. Coifman, P. Jones and V. Rokhlin: Challenges in Geometry, Analysis and Computation

Teaching, 2020-21

Math 602: Functional Analysis

Green functions