Math 451 - Advanced Calculus - Fall 2000

Page Updated: 9/29/00 
  • Time and Place:MWF 11-12 am in EH 3088
  • Instructor: Ralf Spatzier, 5850 East Hall, 763-2192,
  • Office Hours: Fr 12-2 pm or by appointment
  • Text: ``Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus" by by Kenneth A. Ross, Springer Verlag
  • Course Outline:This course will develop calculus rigorously and introduce concepts and ideas important in more advanced mathematics. More specifically, we will discuss the following material: basic logic, number systems, sequences and series, continuity, metric spaces, derivatives and integrals. This a theoretical course with emphasis on precise definitions and proofs both in the lectures and the homework problems.
  • Grading Policy: homework 40%; midterm 20% each; final exam 20%;
  • Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned weekly and collected on Monday. You may discuss the homework problems with other students, but you should write up the solutions on your own. 
  • Homeworks :You can download the homework assignments below as postscript or pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files: