Schedule of Lie Group recorders

✓ September 8, Introduction to the matrix exponential
       Problems, solutions by Colin Tan and Juntai Zhou
✓ September 15, Continuity and differentiation of the matrix exponential .
       Problems, solutions by Joshua C Brot and Nicholas Campbell. Also, some bonus notes.
✓ September 22 We took a break from Lie groups to finish proving the Inverse Function theorem.
       Problems, solutions by Jeremy P D'silva and Charles P Develin
✓ September 29, Logarithms and Orthogonal matrices
       Problems, solutions by Yixi Jiang and Mengxi Wang
✓ October 6, The orthogonal group as a manifold.
       Problems, solutions by John C Dolan, Shiliang Gao and James Yang
✓ October 13, the spectral theorem!
       Problems, solutions by William Garland, Hu Le and Michael Ivanitskiy
• October 20, exam, no IBL session.
✓ October 27, Lie subgroups of GLn
      Problems, solutions by Jaeyoon Kim, Jason Liu and Raymond Luo
✓ November 3, the Lie bracket
      Problems, solutions by Yuzhou Mao, Chandler Meyers and Zulekha Mirza
✓ November 10, identities satisfied by the Lie bracket
      Problems, solutions by William C Newman, Matthew P Polgar and Connor H Puritz
✓ November 17, Maps between Lie Groups
      Problems, solutions by Matthew Sawoski, Felix Serlin, Susanne N Sheng
• November 20 Vignesh Jagathese, David Jin and Coby Kelln
• December 1 Conor J Thompson, Justin B Vorhees and Xuzhi Zhang