Galois theory for PROMYS

At PROMYS 2018, I am teaching a course for advanced students on Galois theory. This webpage exists to post the problem sets and handouts.

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1, due Thursday July 5
Problem Set 2, due Monday July 9
Problem Set 3, due Thursday July 12
Problem Set 4, due Monday July 16
Problem Set 5, due Monday July 23
Problem Set 6, due Thursday July 26
Problem Set 7, due Monday July 30
Problem Set 8, due Thursday August 2
Problem Set 9, due Monday August 6

Open Door Set.


The cubic formula
The quartic formula
Bonus problem set on the fundamental theorem of symmetric functions
The axioms of a field
Some key lemmas proved in class
Addition and multiplication tables for the fields with 4 and 8 elements
Constructing the 17-gon.