Thomas Lam

I am Professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan.

Address: Thomas Lam
Department of Mathematics University of Michigan
530 Church St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

E-mail: tfylam[at]

Office Phone: (734)764-8295
Office Number: 2834


My field of interest is in algebraic combinatorics.
Here are some papers and preprints.
Here are slides from some lectures.


I am on the editorial board of Algebraic Combinatorics (ALCO).

Current Teaching

Math 465 Fall 2017 - Introduction to Combinatorics (Course site on Canvas)
Math 565 Fall 2017 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Old Teaching

Math 565 Fall 2016 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Math 665 Fall 2016 - Schubert Calculus
Math 715 Winter 2015 - Quantum groups and crystal bases
Math 465 Fall 2014 - Introduction to Combinatorics
Math 566 Winter 2014 - Introduction to Algebraic Combinatorics
Math 665 Fall 2013 - Total positivity
Math 637 Winter 2012 - Lie groups
Math 216 Fall 2012 - Differential equations
Math 711 Fall 2011 - Introduction to geometric representation theory
Math 217 Winter 2011 - Linear Algebra
Math 665 Fall 2010 - Symmetric Functions
Math 215 Fall 2009
Math 412 Fall 2009

Old Teaching Webpages from Harvard


Other stuff

Here are some other things I'm involved in or interested in:

Australia -- Home.

Hong Kong -- Birthplace.

Jin Yong -- the best author ever.  Smiling Pride and Shooting Eagle are my favourites!

Go -- I'm around 5kyu(?) and play on either IGS or KGS when online.  Vigleik used to beat me all the time.  Gobase. Sensei.

Starcraft 2 -- I nearly went professional!  I used to be Sectoid on Aus-1.

IMO Argentina -- Hi Norm, Step, Just, Jon and Dan!

UNSW -- got my undergrad degree here!

MIT -- got my PhD here!

Harvard -- was an Assistant Professor here!

A periodic TASEP applet.