Alejandro Uribe's Research Page

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An expository paper (in postscript format) : Trace formulae .

Some recent research papers: (in postscript format):

On the pseudospectra of Berezin-Toeplitz operators, with David Borthwick.

The Weyl quantization and the quantum group quantization of the moduli space of flat SU(2) connections on the torus are the same, with Razvan Gelca.

Dispersionless Toda and Toeplitz operators, with A. Bloch, F. Golse and T. Paul.

The spectral density function for the Laplacian on high tensor powers of a line bundle, with D. Borthwick.

Semiclassical spectral estimates for Toeplitz operators, with David Borthwick and Thierry Paul.

Quantization of symplectic cobordisms, with Levente Korpas.

Nearly Kahlerian embeddings of symplectic manifolds, with David Borthwick.