Victoria Booth

I am an associate professor in the Departments of Mathematics and Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan. This somewhat unusual joint appointment is the result of my interdisciplinary research interests in mathematical and computational neuroscience.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Interests

    My research in mathematical and computational neuroscience focuses on constructing and analyzing biophysical models of neurons and neuronal networks in order to quantitatively probe experimental hypotheses and provide experimentally-testable predictions. In my collaborative projects, my goal is to provide continuous reciprocal interactions between modeling and experimental results that will allow for maximum impact of mathematical modeling in advancing scientific understanding.

    Current research projects address:

  • Neuronal control of sleep-wake regulation
  • Interaction of intrinsic neuronal properties and network structure on network dynamics
  • Computational and Mathematical Neuroscience course

    In the field of neuroscience, the brain is investigated at many different levels, from the activity of single neurons, to computations in small local networks, to the dynamics of large neuronal populations. This course introduces students to modeling and quantitative techniques used to investigate, analyze and understand the brain at these different levels.